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Poor care

My baby was admitted in hospital, and since shes on breast milk, I have had to stay with her. I was given a baby chair to sleep in, no blanket or pillow to make myself a little comfortable and to add to matters was not allowed to bring my own blanket or pillow. My daughter is going to be here for ...

Midas Motor Spares

I am furious, I thought Midas was a business store, so I am just wondering why is my boyfriend (who is a customer there) getting calls from the lady named "Portia" using the store's number claiming that she is checking on him on how he slept and how he is feeling. How does that have ...

Zukiswa Siwa

Hi I am Zukiswa Siwa Atlas Client joined under Umzimkulu branch, I am now under debt review since I saw I would not be able to pay back atlas as agreed an amount of R2720.00 so I got under debt review. They promised to assist me on the 20th of May, meaning atlas won't debt me only them will. They ...

Duct Ayanda Kambhule

Hi write this message with such grief and disappointed as one of your staff, job titled driver or manager of staff has been caught that he has been using his powers over the causal staff to use them for sex with the promise of an permanent employment as this has been going on for quite sometime, ...