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Auto And General
Price Increase

Got a letter from Nedbank/Auto and General premium went up from R818 to R1154 Nice Letter... telling me about a 10% increase in cover but then there is a 40% increase in price. Smart people working at Auto and General. No need to respond...... already moved Insurers ...

Auto And General
Bad Service

I've cancelled my policy with A&G but they still deducting in my bank account, and i did make them aware of this problem and they promised to refund me till today I'm still waiting for my refund, but again I received an sms from the bank notifying me that they did try to deduct again on the ...

Auto And General
What an excellent service

I was involved in an accident, and at first my rental car got expired, was strunded.. Simone came through for me throughout the whole process she will go an extra mile. She made me realise ain't just about paying the insurance but having a relationship with those who will help you the most in times ...