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For the second month in a row, my Standard Bank cheque account has been debited with R99 in favour of KIANGA3, which Standard Bank has reversed for me. They have informed me that STRATCOL LTD is responsible. I have never heard of either company and have certainly not authorised them to deduct money ...


I sent an e mail and complained on hello peter about my unpaid debit order which was paid. Received no feedback just a sms saying fhank you for paying on time! Now im waiting for the 10 percent cash back and once again no feedback after sending e mail. If you cannot get me on my cell surely you can ...

Sim card

I took out a cellphone contract with autopage in 2012 Nov via email . i requested that a limit for R150. my sim card was out of my purse in December 2012, never used the sim as within the first days i was suspended for going over my "limit " but only send 1 via sms to my mother in law i then took ...