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Beagle Watch
Excellent Srvice

On 4 January 2013 our son had his 21st birthday party at our home. We called Beagle Watch to ask if they could keep watch over the cars all parked outside out property and also mentioned that we had employed two young men to sit outside and watch cars also. Beagle Watch drove past and checked ...

Adt Security
Disgusting Service

On 1 Jan 2013 at 2.30am we arrived home to find our house burgled and ransacked. I called Adt to find out whether they sent out a guard to check out our place and they said they did and he reported that everything was o.k, which means he clearly didn't check the back otherwise he would've seen that ...

No Response

I had a Chubb alarm system installed and less than 6 months later the sensors on the doors fell off, I have been calling Chubb since November of 2012 to complain that the sensors on my doors have come off and at this stage the alarm cannot function at its maximum capacity. No one has assisted me ...

Adt Security
Poor installation team

I bought an alarm system from ADT which they installed early January; the start of my problems: -They first installed PIR sensors not quoted for and placed incorrectly. -They damaged my walls by gluing the one sensor moved and removed plaster when they had to exchange the sensors and leaving a hole ...