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Victorious Technologies
Unauthorised Charging

On scrutinising my cell phone bill, I found charges coming off at strange hours of the night (twice per night). the amount for one month totalled R66 . On querying with my cell phone provider they told me I needed to sort it out with Victorious Technologies, as I had 'obviously subscribed to their ...

Unable to use services

I have had an Office 365 Home Premium subscription since August last year. Upon trying to share my sibscription, I was told I need to have a cellphone number on Microsoft Account to allow any sharing (I tested sharing a document from Skydrive and got the same issue). Section 2.1 of the Microsoft ...

Imply It
Great Service!

I needed internet set up in my new home so I phoned Imply I.T since my father used the same company. I phoned them and they were very helpful and told me everything that needed to be done. They were very quick to respond to my mails regarding any questions that I had and I cant believe how quickly ...