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For the second month in a row, my Standard Bank cheque account has been debited with R99 in favour of KIANGA3, which Standard Bank has reversed for me. They have informed me that STRATCOL LTD is responsible. I have never heard of either company and have certainly not authorised them to deduct money ...

Unknown Debit Order Deductions

Good day My bank account is being debited every month with R199. I have no idea what the debit order is for. If I signed up for something, it was supposed to have been cancelled, which was almost 2 years ago. Nothing was cancelled because the money is still being deducted. Below is the ...

Debit Order Put Through

A Debit Order is put through against my account for R129.99 with the remark Service Fee, I contacted my bank who gave me StratCol's (086 1135 791) details, they cannot help and said to call the Beneficiary - they give me the number of Money Chief Club Card 031 822 3265, this simply rings and goes ...