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Settlement amount is wrong

I took a loan with Nedbank, and i was working as a contractor. the contract ended then i got a another job. i then got retrenched and i explained to Nedbank and the tracers came to me and collected the doccuments showing that i was retrenched. Then later i was contacted by the Nedbank collectors ...

Extra cost on account

Nedbank approved me for a home loan and registered the loan. When we applied for the extra money to do the renovations they informed us that they can't give us the money because of our financial position. Nothing in our financial position changed since we applied for the loan, so we couldn't ...

Credit Card

On 3 February 2014, I applied for a gold credit card over the internet. While applying, I got a message that I don't qualify for a gold credit card but I qualify for another credit card which was mentioned, and if I'm interested in getting the other credit card, I must proceed of which I did. I was ...