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Auto And General
Client retention

I recieved a quote from an opposition company. One item only was less than my current policy.Mohammed Choglay assisted me and was really great with his service. I really value Auto and General and have always had good service from them. Thank you and I am really pleased Im your client ...

Auto And General
Claim not covered

I tried to submit a claim with the contact centre regarding good at my house that was broken during renovations. The agent that I spoke with then advised that I cannot submit a claim since the goods were accidentally broken and said I must go through my policy document. And nowhere in the policy ...

Auto And General
Insurance claim

I was smashed by a guy that insured by auto and general in the business sector. Its been 2 weeks now. Never get a response from them as yet. If anyone with info on someone that I can speak to. Please let me know. 0835727330. I don't want the call centre number. They serve no purpose. ...