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8ta / Telkom Mobile

I complained not too long ago about the horrible service from 8ta. They actually responded to which i was extremely grateful for, only once! My phone is currently still giving me the same errors and still not working. It is a contract phone with no use whatsoever. So I will tell every living soul ...

8ta / Telkom Mobile
Illegal SIM swap

On the 8th January 2013, 8ta call centre did an illegal (unbeknownst to me) sim swap on 0813544488 which resulted a cost to myself in long calls to their call centre, losing service and data, and having to travel to their outlet to have another sim swap done. I have set this out in an e-mail to ...

8ta / Telkom Mobile

I`m having a contract with 8ta for almost 2 years now, and recently i find out that the is a account under my name and ID from someone who claims its me. but with a different account number and address and signature. 8ta can`t actually figure out the difference between the 2 accounts.Last year 8ta ...