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8ta / Telkom Mobile
Ad service

8ta always miss the debit order &jst send the account to their debt collectors Nudebt and once u make the payment there's no communication between 8ta and them.all this resulted in my contract being terminated thou I hv paid the full amount that ws outstanding hv made numerous phone calls trying to ...

8ta / Telkom Mobile
Sporadic reception!!

Hi, at the telkom mobile shop the assistant told me that I have data coverage in my area. however this coverage seems to hop around from time to time. I had some sort of coverage for a short while and now its gone!! each time I have to keep searching for the best spot in my house and office!!! ...

8ta / Telkom Mobile
Line suspended

My first Helopeter complaint was not even responded on by 8ta Telkom Mobile, my account still not reinstated since full payment on 6 January 2014. I spoke to many call centre agents, team leaders and Managers who use the broken record term : I will escalate by email, I asked them who will follow up ...