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Terribly slow internet speeds

I have a 1 meg capped line (10 gig) that has been fine for the last year. Now suddenly I'm getting terribly slow internet speeds, ping averaging 500 when it normally has been around 30. Note that I have tested at multiple times throughout the day, and I'm only writing this complaint as it is a ...

Sa Paving
Beautiful Paving

Thank you SA Paving for paving my driveway - I left a MESS and came home to beautiful and clean order. The work took approx 1 day (which included prep and an extensive cleanup), I was even asked if I wanted to keep some of the shrubs! Everyone in the delivery chain was efficient and professional. I ...

Zone Fitness
Debit Orders continue past the contract period

This morning to my surprize I see a debit order going off for a 6 month contract taken at Zone Fitness, which was expired end of October already. Why is it that you have to sign a contract for a specified period and then also sign a form to cancell a contract. This baffels my mind, but is also ...