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Worst Internet Banking Service

Been struggling whole morning to log on to my internet banking - just cant. The Absa website slow and when i click on link to open internet banking, it says sorry, page could not load. I have internet banking with 3 different banks, and only ever struggle with Absa's online banking. It is not a joy ...

Standard Bank
Get used to Being!!!!!!

Now after i submitted a claim of to standard bank this is the reponse i recieved! and i qoute " All evidence in your case and our records reflect thta (s) your compremissed your banking credentials to gain acces to your account resulting in the Payments which occured " and the go on on how they did ...

First National Bank
Website not user friendly

Your nw website is terrible, you need to make it more usewr friendly. The old website was much better to use. I battled to get scheduled payments then tweeted FNB Guy with no help. It is not a pleasure using your online facility. Could even consider moving banks simply because of that, despite FNB ...