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Sizwe Medical Fund
Money Reversed from our account

On 2 and 5 Dec.2013 Sizwe confirmed benefits for 2 patients.On 17 Dec 2013 we received payments for both patients.on 28 Jan 2013 those payments were reversed.We were not advised about this action. When we queried, they said memberships were cancelled on 30 Nov. This is against the law as it was ...

No Feedback

My problem started as far back as 2002. I have been black listed by Nedbank since 2004. My problem was handled by them, but without any fruit full ending. It is 10 years later and I am still on the black list. All I want is to clear my name and live a normal life. The ombudsman did investigate my ...

University Of Johannesburg
Multiple issues

Back in June I desperately needed a testimonial simply showing that I was a student there as I was about to start a new job. After running around all over campus trying to get a hold of the HOD who had locked himself up in his office I was told to go to the faculty instead where this white young ...