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Cancellation of contract

I moved to UK last year May and before I left, I put in a request to have my contract cancelled (via the chat assistance) The person I dealt with helped me out and then set the termination date for the end of May. So turns out that vodacom decided to kick off the billing again (beginning June) ...

Cancellation not in line with CPA

My contract with Vodacom is up in May 2014 so I called them on the 5th of Feb to find out if I can cancel early as the CPA law says you can cancel a cellphone contract early with 20 business day notice and a cancellation fee of no more than 10% of the remaining contract fee may be charged as a ...

Cancellation going on for 3 months now

In November we cancelled a Telkom line when we moved out, in December we received an SMS stating that the account was in arrears even though it was supposed to be cancelled. In January the same happened, I have phoned 4 times in January and was promised that the line was indeed cancelled as ...