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Sim swap

After my phone was, i called vodacom so that they could do a sim swap for me. the consultant asked me the standard security questions like when did i last recharge? how much and the 5 numbers i call the most. i answer all these and he tells me he cannot perform a sim swap because he called the ...

Not answering for 3 days!!!!!

We have been trying for 3 days to try and get hold of Mweb... we have a business e-mail (which is our main incoming mail for all bookings, reservations, quotes, invoices ect.) that has been off for 3 days now. We are trying to get hold of Mweb on their helpline but no-one is answering?????? How is ...

No service

I reported my phone faulty 3 days ago. The self service at telkom give useless information. As a doctor i want to KNOW when will my phoneline be fixed not silly nonsensical messages i receive from self service. So i went to telkom today. The operator assured me my phone will be fixed today. It is ...