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Altech Netsta

I would like to know exactly what is happening. I was called on the 25th NOV by a consultant saying my tracker was giving wrong signals and a technician will be sent to check my car. No one came....I got another call last week and still no one came.??? I know your service is Pathetic cause you ...

Tracker Connect
Unlawful billing

Tracker continues to debit my account for a contract to provide me with tracker services on my new Audi whilst the contract has validly been cancelled within 3 days after direct selling (cooling of period) ito sec 16 of the CPA. They do not respond to my emails, faxes and sms'. My bank would not ...

Altech Netsta

We have a fleet of 12 vehicles fitted with Netstar Vigil units, on advise of their Rep we renewed our contracts and installed new units in some of our vehicles. Units installed on 30 November 2013 are still not working. We've called and emailed countless times, even threatened to cancell all our ...