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Nedbank - NRR

I have had endless harrassment calls from Nedbank: FINAL MESSAGE FROM NRR : SUMMONS PENDING! Failure to Call on 0861127327 may result in a POSSIBLE VISIT FROM THE SHERIFF, TODAY. Honestly I have never had any account with them and never ever run up any debt whatsoever. This is shocking and totally ...

Absolute charlatan

I recently accompanied a dear friend who needed help regarding a family member who was causing her much distress, to seek inspiration and comfort from this so-called psychic in Roodepoort. Initial impressions count a great deal in assessing a person so the sight of an elderly, scruffy, ...

Leno De Villiers
Refusing to Refund

Last year I saw an ad on Gum Tree for houses that were repressed and going for cheaper prices. I told my parents about this houses and they decided to buy 2 houses from them of which each house was R200 000 so they paid 2 houses which added up to R400 000 cash price. they also paid the 10 000 cash ...