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Gearmax takes the cake for the poorest most pathetic service I have ever come across in my liftetime!!!! I am highly dissapointed by your standard of service and will tell all my friends to never ever make use of this company. In December of 2015 we took our Mazda Double Cab in for repairing the 5th gear on our 4 x 4 gearbox. They worked on the bakkie for almost a week. Prior to us taking the bakkie in we replaced the clutch and pressure plate as well as the thrust bearing. After getting our bakkie back and almost R9000 later we had to take the bakkie back the very next day as we were batteling to select gear. We were then informed by Willem who appears to be in charge of the Vereeniging office, that the clutch is new and therefore we need to keep driving it until the clutch is used a bit then we will be able to select gears better he adjusted the clutch up to the max! there is nothing else he can do. The bakkie also had a gearbox oil leak the very same day we got it back, which was fixed. we had the bakkie for december and drove from vereeniging to welkom for the holidays. There was a loud noise which sounded like a bearing singing and bakkie kept jumping out of the 5th gear. Other than that we had no problems. On Monday 11 January 2016 we took the bakkie back as we had a 20 000 km warranty on the work done. We were told by Doreen who was in charge as Willem was on leave to leave the bakkie there she will sort it out, by at the latest Wednesday. We asked them to fix fith gear and check out the bearing noise and suggested we think it is the thrust bearing.!! We were informed on Tuesday when we went to the workshop by Doreen that our thrust bearing has seized and she suspects our clutch plate burned as well. we explained it is impossible as the parts were only fittted a month ago, we insisted they show us the clutch plate. there was nothing wrong with it!!! another worker by the name of Daniel came to say there was nothing wrong with thrust bearing it is still new. we left with the promise our bakkie would be fixed on Wednesday as the box will be delivered at ten o clock wednesday morning then they will fit it and problem will be sorted. Doreen promised to phone us once the bakkie is ready which she never did! i phoned her on Wednesday afternoon round about 4 o clock and she told me the box only arrived 5 minutes ago it was late. they will fit it first thing Thursday morning and we will have it by lunch time! she will phone us before luchtime to come and fetch. By now i was very frustrated as we live on a farm 40 km out of town and only have the bakkie as transport, we run a business from home with it and need it to have an income. I explained this to Doreen and she promised to sort it out asap on Thursday morning. By 13h30 on Thursday afternoon we had still heard nothing from Doreen, we phoned her and was told bakkie is done they were just out taking it for a test drive, we can come to vereeniging so long. So we aranged for a lift AGAIN!!! and we went to fetch the bakkie. However when we arrived they were still working on it and it had another oil leak. we now had to wait because they had to fetch a seal from your Johannesburg office. Very frustrated we waited. finally the seal was put in by 4h00. My husband wanted to take the bakkie for a test drive, but the difflock was on the light would not go off and the wheels were locked. After talking and checking for another 30 minutes they realized the little ball (interlocker) was missing so it was not able to release for the difflock to release. Then there was a blame game between vereeniging and Johannesburg about who lost the interlocker. We were informed they will send a driver to Joburg on Friday morning to fetch the interlocker we will get our bakkie Friday!! Needless to say I was furious!! I demanded they fetched the interlocker immediateley and i want my bakkie now! i have waited long enough. Suddenly they produced a interlocker from somewhere within 10 minutes, which was fitted, however difflock was still on. they swopped the wire with pluggies on it around and light went off. My husband took bakkie for a test drive, less than a km from the workshop the difflock came on again!! Wheels locked completely. There was now a terrible very loud banging noise around the gearbox and the singing bearing noise was still present. we took it back and were told to come back friday. we demanded a proper technician they send Raymond from Johannesburg, who arrived just before 5 o clock. by then all workers were dressed and ready to go home refusing to work overtime and very casually left. Raymond immediatly pick up that the universal on the propshaft is faulty, and completely loose and said he couldnt understand how they could fit it like that. He said he thinks the pipe connecting diff to gearbox was bent somewhere so it was not sucking air therefore the difflock is not releasing. He advised that there was no way we could drive with the bakkie like that as the propshaft would cause great damage. By now Doreen's husband has arrived to pick her up, and was not happy with me having a go at Doreen. My point is if they took it for a test drive surely they should have seen the difflock was on and would have heard the loud banging sound? However they are adament it wasnt like that when they took it for a test drive. They never took it for a test drive so Doreen blatantly lied to us AGAIN!!!!! Needless to say we were extremely upset, and asked if they could provide us with transport as we do not have transport and live far out of town on a farm. Doreen said its not her problem and she cannot give me transport. By then the husband starting to chip in saying to me i should stop fighting with Doreen its not her fault there is nothing she could do! I mean what has he got to do with anything!! He is not the one sitting without transport for a week! after paying R9000 for a job never done properly!! My point is this at this time i am still without transport my business cannot function, and after taking my bakkie in to fix fith gear and a bearing noise i now have a bakkie which is stuck in difflock and a broken universal. I was very casually informed by Doreen that they wil not fix universal as it is wear and tear and they did not work on it!! if they fix it we will have to pay for it!!!! i mean for goodness sake there was absolutely nothing wrong with diff lock or the universal when we booked it in, how can it wear on tear standing in the air on a lift for almost a week!!!! This is unacceptable and i hope that the owner will contact me asap and sort this out!!! never will i advise anyone to ever make use of your service!! your banner in the office says very clear in red you receive a 40 000 km of 1 year guaruntee on work done. howerver we only got 20 000 km guarantee. Can someone explain why??????????????
Author: Laetitia

Offender: Gearmax vereeniging

Category: Scam, Fake


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