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Neelsie Properties
Real Estate Manager never responds

Throughout the year, while dealing with Neelsie properties, Louis never responded in a timely manner to our requests. Her phone would be off or she would take extremely long to respond to our calls. The final straw would be the fact that it has been one month since my son has moved out the Neelsie ...

Just Letting
Bad client service by Arlene

Afternoon I would like for someone to intervene here please, i have spoken to the admin lady and she refuses to see sense with regards to the explanation that i have given her.i have asked for her to escalate this matter to her superiors but she refuses to do so as well.i have received an sms ...

Zodiac Pool Care
No service on the MX 8

I bought about one year ago an MX8 pool cleaner from Makro Silverlakes Pta. After that year the tracks needed to be replaced. I went to the Makro, NO spare-parts. The very helpful floor manager got me Zodiac on the phone and they assured me that parts are available in pool shops. No, not true. ...