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Licensing Department
Unfair Examine

Second time I went for my Licence and I failed again today the 05.02.2014. The fist time I went to Krugersdorp I understand my mistakes I have done...I went today and can't understand that I got 248/179 and 241 of it was for observasions. What I do not understand is that the previous examiner told ...

Brt Rea Vaya System
Negligent Drive

On the 31/01/2014 i boarded the bus at Orlando Station to JHB CBD, BUS Reg YMT 995GP driver was negligent. he didnt use his mirrors to check if passengers have boarded or not before closin the doors of the bus and driving off. half of my Body was closed out the other half was inside and he jusr ...


Thanks to Hello Peter, CIPC replied to my query in a few hours after posting it....My CIPC for 2013 was sorted in in a day. But a year later and i am experiencing the same problem. i have paid R400.00 into the CIPC account and cant seem to get the money transferred to my virtual account to register ...