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Occusec Security Services

Being a client for Spar on daily basis I buy bread there in Selgro pmb, on friday went there as usually to buy bread and cabbage to a till ask for Cash which was done. when I was about to go a security guard came, as I was sorting the cash back and receipt. I told the security, That he ...

They should read their emails

I have a loan with bruma. But i recently loat my job. I went and send them my problem and request a solution. By now. No solution and they are handing me over and phones me like 20 times a day. I refuse to answer as i did emailbthem and i did even gave them the answet on their 2 option payment. Is ...


Staff at your hospital are completely rude. I have never experienced such disgusting level of dissrespect. They do not have manners at all and cannot speak properly on the phone, its like the person on the other side is a dog! And this is supposed to be a hospital PLEASE MAN!! ...