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T Reddy
Disgusted by Goldwagen Pmb

I am...or WAS a loyal client of Goldwagen Pietermaritzburg. The staff has no respect for their clients or the job they do, its just a pay cheque for them. I tried to speak to the manager on many occasions about the rude and unhelpful staff, but that didn't help, as he is even more rude then they ...

Dr C Papavarnavas
Terrible Doctor

When my sister told me that she was using Dr Papa for her pregnancy my blood ran cold. I went to him for my very first gynea appointment when I was 16 and I vowed to never go back after a horrible experience. I advised her to reconsider but she decided to stay with him due to him apparently being a ...


I went to Mkem earlier this evening to pick up my contraceptive medication. I normally go to clicks but since I don't have time I decided to go to mkem instead. I didn't know exactly how it worked and so I proceeded to the back at the self help section to ask if you stock oral con and if I can get ...