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Dismal Service

I have been trying to cancel my Telkom account for a week now. I've now been to the Musgrave branch twice. I've tried calling more times then I care to remember but no one is answering the phones. This is the worst service I have ever received in my 32 years on earth......well done Telkom, you are ...

Aladdin and Grey's Anatomy

I bought a 2 pack DVD set of Aladdin for my sons. When they wanted to watch the DVD, it was not Aladdin on the DVD (despite Aladdin branding on the DVD) but in fact Grey's Anatomy. I called Musica to tell them and the assistant on the phone was very helpful and said I could bring the DVD back so ...

Terrible Service from Wimpy Lydenburg

My wife and her friend order cappuccinos. The waitress immediately responded saying that they would not be able to serve us cappuccinos due to the fact that there coffee machine did not work. We accepted the unusual fact and continued to order our breakfast. I ordered a Streaky Bacon Breakfast. ...