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Cell C
I am very angry because of your bad service

My dongle stopped working.In menlyn i spoke to a SP who i told that my dongle isn't picking up properly.She told me i need an update and go to woodlands.They put a new update on my stick and told me to uninstall my old one from my pc and install this one, I did, but it still didn't work.I phoned ...

Nurses don't care

Visiting the hospital the following was observed: big holes in the sheets on the bed; water out of reach of the older patients who could not get out of bed to reach the carafe; a patient who was totally immobile was expected to feed herself and was fed by a visitor; when nurses called the patient ...

Charged for services not rendered

O the 23 Jan i took my E5 Nokia Phone to GSM for repairs upon arrival the assistant took in my phone to the technician for what she said is testing. after that she came back and told me its going to R400 to fix the phone i also told them that the phone has a power problem and also need software ...