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Adt Security
ADT Service and their staff are arrogant

On the 13th January 2014, I called ADT to find out if I can pay them for the whole year in advance. I was told by a lady called Ntswaki that I could do that and she gave me the amount I had to pay. I then paid R5833 on the 14th January 2014. On the 27th January a debit order for R 583 went off on ...

Momentum Health
Email address

Since August last year, I have tried to update my email address with Momentum Health. I have received no less than 4 confirmations that it has been done. On 1 Feb, they emailed my health statement to my old email address again (which is my ex-employer). I am lucky that they still forward it ...


Paul from the jewellery counter left a very bad taste in my mouth when i went to purchase a watch this past Sunday. Not only did he spend close to 7 minutes fiddling with cupboard doors (without informing me what he was doing and asking for my patience) by the time i give him the reciept as ...