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Shocking service

Good day, I have been receiving very bad service from DSTV. Reason being that I have holiday view and the contract that I have with them is that I would be able to call in before 22:00 at night to disconnect the services. It has now happened twice that I would call them just after 21:00 on a ...

Gwm Sa
Matter resolved

Good day. After the previous report, the matter was resolved amicably between parties concerned. The principle dealer went out of his way to resolve the matter. I just want to thank him for going the extra mile.The relationship between parties concerned has been restored positively. ...

Poor Signal, Worse Service from Vodacom

My 3G signal has got worse over the last couple of months and Vodacom say that it could be up to 2 years before a new aerial is put up - so for the next 2 years I get to pay for a service I dont have. Having spoken to numerous Vodacom staff, nobody seems to think this is a problem other that me. ...