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Disgusting Service

Dealing with Shannon van G, from Renprop has been the worst experience ever. Very arrogant and acts like he is doing you a favour when in fact we pay your salary. Issues raised and not dealt with, no feedback and empty promises. Avoid at all costs. ...


I bought a car in 2015 a pre owned car cash, in 3 weeks time it gave me a problem a key stuck in the ignition, I called the dealership so letting them know about the problem they fetch the car and took it to their workshop where it stayed for a month before it was fixed it only dawned to me that ...

Lillian Chipululu

I bought a car in 2015 July, a pre-owned vehicle, at first it looked beautiful until 3 weeks of purchase it started giving me a problem which was the key stuck into the ignition I called the dealership and they came and fetch the car for it to be fixed, it took almost the whole month in their ...