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Good effort

My Citroen had to have its clutch replaced for the second time in 6 months so I wasnt in a good mood. The first time it was replaced I was without a car for 3 weeks, so I was a bit worried it would be the same. Luckily they had the parts in stock so it only took 3 days. The service manager ...

System off line

I have been to Sanral twice in January to request an invoice to pay my account and to pay the money I really do owe them. Firstly it cannot be expected to pay something that you cannot show me what I owe. On both occasions I was informed the system is down. The second time I even took my cell ...

Cell C
9 Months of headache continued. Part 1

After 9 months of struggle, Cell C replaced the faulty phone they gave me. I was very thankful for this. Keyword was. Got the "new" phone on monday 27 Jan. The first boot up time on the phone 6 March 2013. Since Tuesday 28 Jan my problem that I had previously was back and WORSE. I have been ...