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Hair Evolution
Fake products - Scam

This company Hair Evolution is a scam, they make you pay but never deliver and then you cant get your money out of them, Joanna Nicole Stewart is the owner and a scam artist. When I asked for my money back she blocked me and my husband and refused to pay back my money. There are also other ...

Is this a scam

It's been 13 years since I have bought my shares in the company called Capmed.I have invested my money in this company with the hope of making a profit.I have never received a 1c in dividends or any royalties. Year after year I got told that this is the year that the company will get listed and ...


They call you to tell you they launching a new product and that they will send you one to try out. You receive the product and then a few days later receive an invoice. When you confront them they say you committed and they will send you a voice recording. They never do. They harras you company by ...