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SA Post Office
No staff available

I have visited this post office twice in the last 2 weeks to find a large queue and only 2 or 3 tellers available, out of 11 spaces. When I eventually get served I am told that other people haven't pitched for work and other branches are short staffed, so some of the few staff available are shipped ...

Unauthorised billing

I have been loading airtime via FNB and for the past 3 weeks my airtime has been disappearing without me making any calls and when I contacted MTN they confirmed that SAMBA is billing me for an inconsistent amount, I have never given consent for such an illegal to be deducted off my airtime and I ...

SA Post Office
No Service!!!

I wanted to courier very important packages to cape town so a lady helped me, and i had to fill in waybills. When i finised with the waybills then all of a sudden NO ONE helped me and i was standing there for half an hour!!!!! Waiting????? So i asked for someone to help me because i have to go back ...