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SA Post Office
No Service!!!

I wanted to courier very important packages to cape town so a lady helped me, and i had to fill in waybills. When i finised with the waybills then all of a sudden NO ONE helped me and i was standing there for half an hour!!!!! Waiting????? So i asked for someone to help me because i have to go back ...

SA Post Office

Well my parcel was post on the 28/092013 and never got the delivery and now my parcel seem te be . They don't have any record of the parcel if it is still there or out. And its no wear to be found so one of our Wonderful Government staff did think my parcel will look good at his house so he dis ...


I installed technosave @ home to help me save electricity bill and to live 'green' After few months I sent in a complain that there is no saving my electricity usage. they asked me for bills and all detail was sent to them. they made changes on the time settings(which was done on installation also) ...