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Adjust 4 Sleep

We bought a queen adjustable bed for R50000 because my husband has a terminal condition and has problems sleeping at night. We dipped into our limited savings to acquire the bed. The contract specified a 7 day cancellation policy with no cancellation fees stipulated. We received the bed on a Friday ...

Unsuccessful radio repai

There were a lot of noise on the radio when playing via Bluetooth devices, after it was booked in they said the settings are reset and everything is working normally. Absolutely nothing have changed and after i went the second time then they realized there is something wrong? aren't they supposed ...

Nisaa Institute
False story had been published

Nissa womens institute had published about all the ladies that lived in their shelter, they had pulblished my mothers story in this book, most of what her story was about was false, she made my father bad yet she was to be blamed too, we holding nissa responsible for publishing our life ...