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Groenewald Lubbe
Prescribed matte

During Apr May 2012 I reported these people for constantly sending SMS's that I ow them money. I then explaind, on attorneys advice, that their claim is no longer valid as they did not communicate with me in any manner whatsoever since 2005, the matter is PRESCRIBED For the lastmonths now they are ...

Brooks and Luyt
Debit orde

I had a agreement for a debit order to be deducted from my account every month for a repayment. Every month I receive a sms that they are busy with a judgement against me for non payment. Every time I must phone and after I loose my temper they see oh there is a debit order. To me it's disgusting ...

Strauss Daly Attorneys
Forging Signatures

My husband was retrenched in May 2009. He had then gone under debt counselling to seek relief from his debt and pay smaller instalments however Nedbank was the only company giving him hassles despite receiving payments. Eventually it was handed to Strauss Daly for collections and a judgement listed ...