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MBD Attorneys
Payment arrangement

I called MBD to to make payment arrangement with them i was told that they cant help me as i missed payment i tried to speak to them to debit my account as usual for Capitec loan but they insteated now i get a sms messages of demand, i want to pay my loan but mbd refuse to debit my account to get ...

Groenewald Lubbe
Prescribed matte

During Apr May 2012 I reported these people for constantly sending SMS's that I ow them money. I then explaind, on attorneys advice, that their claim is no longer valid as they did not communicate with me in any manner whatsoever since 2005, the matter is PRESCRIBED For the lastmonths now they are ...

Landau Attorneys
Asking for Settlement

Hi have phone last week Monday still waiting for a settlement, phone this morning and the freaken person are uncapable to answer my question. Oktober last year they gave me a settlement of R3900, this morning she said R4200 how the can i settlement amount go up after paying 3 installments, isn't it ...