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Dtb Incorporated
Accident: 16/05/2012

Accident occurred with a vehicle (CY35918) swerving in-front of my vehicle (CY173379) knocking me and then bumping into another vehicle (CY200817). My insurance claim was paid out however the vehicle causing the accident (CY35918) has no insurance and the 2nd vehicle that she bumped is claiming ...

Lipco Law For All
What incompetance

I made a Hellopeter complaint. Yes I was contacted very quickly. Mrs R van der Westhuizen took down the details of my complain. AFTER A WHILE I WENT BACK TO THE HELLOPETER SITE AND SAW THAT "THE PROBLEM HAS BEEN RESOLVED SATISFACTORY" (NOW CHANGED BY Mrs S Suleman) WHAT A LIE. NOT JUST DID I ...