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Discovery Health
Discovery is unethical

In Sept 2013, I went to hospital. I had downgraded my med aid plan, which meant I owed them money for the med savings account. I had made an arrangement with Discovery, stating that a certain amount will be taken each month, until this amount was paid back. I was absolutely FINE with that. Lancet ...

Riviera On Vaal
Booking a special

Hi, i seen a advert on the website and called to make the booking.The manager told me it is for both places the riveria hotel and i booked it for riveria.Than they did not send my booking or conformation form so i called and asked about it and than they tell me they dont know about ...

Discovery Health
I pay more then discovery

I went for a mri scan on my knee. they took 5600 out of my medical savings account and they only paid 5200 rand. how is it possible for me to pay more then them why do i pay them every month then. so if something happens with me tomorrow i am pretty much done with. I am going to cancel my insurance ...