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The Renaissance Guest House

I've done a booking through [URL Removed] When contacting the guesthouse directly I was told to cancel and book directly and that there were rooms available I must just mail my requirements. I've done so. on arrival my manager and a co worker was told there were only one room available and that ...

Waiting 7 days now for bed booking

On Thursday 30 January 2014 I visited my Neurologist . He suggested I be admitted for treatment for a condition . He gave me a letter to keep and told me that the lady at his rooms wil make a bed booking for me to come in . I got home packed my bag and waited the weekend . When i received no call ...

Discovery Health
Bad Service

I have been phoning for days now to get a certificate to show that my husband will be a dependent on my medical aid from the 1st of March, and every single day i am put through to countless people! Yesterday I finally felt I had a breakthrough with the last consultant, who said that she believed ...