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Discovery Health
Poor service

I've been with Discovery health for over 4 years and never had this bad/poor service! My fianc? is in hospital at the moment and no one is trying to help after phone calls and mails. My last debit order did not go off, but I went in to pay cash. Still my account is suspended and no one is assisting ...

The Renaissance Guest House

I've done a booking through [URL Removed] When contacting the guesthouse directly I was told to cancel and book directly and that there were rooms available I must just mail my requirements. I've done so. on arrival my manager and a co worker was told there were only one room available and that ...

Waiting 7 days now for bed booking

On Thursday 30 January 2014 I visited my Neurologist . He suggested I be admitted for treatment for a condition . He gave me a letter to keep and told me that the lady at his rooms wil make a bed booking for me to come in . I got home packed my bag and waited the weekend . When i received no call ...