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For the second month in a row, my Standard Bank cheque account has been debited with R99 in favour of KIANGA3, which Standard Bank has reversed for me. They have informed me that STRATCOL LTD is responsible. I have never heard of either company and have certainly not authorised them to deduct money ...

Stock Market College
You need to clear my name

Around 2012 i made biggest mistake of my life by agreeing to your deal with stock market college. I was given a bundle which which was financed by your company. I had problem from the start to use your application which even support agents at stock market could not resolve. The application didn't ...

Rude to former student

I went into the general manager ofiice after dealing with the last dealings I had with the school and collecting my graduation invitation, so as I entered the general managers office to speak to her she was very rude a abrupt with me calling me girlie when I am 22 clearly not a girlie and the rest ...