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Waiting 2 months for parts

Mustek have my ASUS tablet keyboard dock since 9 December. I am presented with the excuse that they have no idea when parts will arrive for repairs that do not fall under warranty. You are not warned of this when you hand your item for repairs. Please be warned. ...

4 Pos Software
Ully running the show

I am writing this on behalf of my son. He started to work there in december and wher praised and complimented the whole time and even in meetings. When it came near payday he was victimised, bullied and disgraced. He was even sworn at with dirty under the pants words by the owner markus. This man ...

IFix Repair Specialists
My charge

I originally bought a iPhone 5 charger cable from ifix in december 2013 which broke in january 2014. when i came in to exchange the charger for a new one, ifix didn't have the correct length cable to exchange it with. they had a very short cable around 15cm long which would not be suitable for what ...