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I bought a car in 2015 a pre owned car cash, in 3 weeks time it gave me a problem a key stuck in the ignition, I called the dealership so letting them know about the problem they fetch the car and took it to their workshop where it stayed for a month before it was fixed it only dawned to me that ...

Lillian Chipululu

I bought a car in 2015 July, a pre-owned vehicle, at first it looked beautiful until 3 weeks of purchase it started giving me a problem which was the key stuck into the ignition I called the dealership and they came and fetch the car for it to be fixed, it took almost the whole month in their ...

Earn a car
No feedback

I have paid R20000 deposit and R5000+ per month, since day one there were problems with the vehicle. Gave me the car without the cam belt being replaced, brakes screech continuously, fuel consumption is above average, gearbox hums in almost every gear even after it apparently being repaired by RDG. ...