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Cr Solutions

I must say I'm very disappointed in CR Solutions. I was at your offices today at 11:50 for our 12:00 o'clock appointment. Firstly, nobody knew about my appointment. Then when I was eventually helped 12:15 I was asked to complete a form which I did then finger prints and all that which I ...

Mattress Medi Centre
Mattress of low quality

I bouht 4 matress at the mattress medi centre sasolburg and it was gauranteed for 12 months if the 100 kg weight are not exeeded, in April 2013. Well it now November 2013 and the springs of the matress is coming out and the total support of the matress is gone. I was at the branch about 3 ...

Job Space

There is no contact details for the website, except for putting in your details where they can contact you.This does not work for me. There is a job positing that is and I need to speak to someone urgently to take this off as we are having to handle the phone calls and queries coming through from ...