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Hospitality Solutions Company
Ad service

I was called on 21 january2014 to come for an interview on 22 january 2014, the lady who called me gave me all the address and told me what documents to bring. on the 22 january i got there 11:50 and told them i was there for an interview they asked me to bring the document and i did. they attached ...

Rj Recruitment
And a

He and made me resign my job for a job offer that he give me and he he never came back to me about my offer that i was waiting for from the company. He made promises that he never kept and he start flirting with me ion whatsapp and saying that he want me ect. i never got the job that he told me i ...

Quest Staffing Solutions
Submission of my resume

I went to quest to submit my Cv and i meet this old lady at help desk and i politely told her im there to submit my CV and she shouted at me saying i should apply via internet and the lady who helps people she was busy interviewing ppl, how rude she was...she spoiled my day and hope of getting help ...