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Cib Insurance
CIB loves to me over!

I have never been so disgusted at the pathetic service that i have received! I phoned CIB in August 2013 to have my screen repaired. After two weeks AND them "forgetting" to mention the excess, i finally got "my" phone back. Firstly, the serial number of "my" phone miraculously changed. The screen ...

No Pension since November 2013

Posted on behalf of my Mother in Law. 1. Every few years I need to prove that I'm still alive. This happens after my meagre pension is stopped without notice. 2. Trying to contact the pension department on the provided numbers results in an automated response that then terminates the call. 3. ...

Auto And General
No answer to calls for claims

The sales lady at Auto and General (Autogen) call centre tried for over 6 times to get me thru to claims section. I have now tried unsuccessfully for a further 2 days to get anybody to answer the phone to make a claim- the call either rings off after some time or I get a recorded message advising ...